Patrick Duarte


Hello. I am Patrick. My mother Dolores had foot surgery in January of this year. She has had issues with her foot for a couple of years now. She had been told Dr Clawson could help her at Abilene Foot and Ankle. She was told this by previous patients of hers.
From our first visit up through post-op visits has been nothing but great things.
Dr Clawson and her staff are very professional. Very informative. Most certainly give you details on what’s happening how it’s going to happen and how they are there to help.
You have uncertainties about your foot issue. This is the place to go. They are truly all about you.
Thanks again for all your support you have made a difference. These folks have become friends!
Patrick Duarte

Caryn Greene


Lacey Clawson was a caring doctor for my husband. Her immediate procedure seems to have already made him lots better from a terrible infection. She is trying to keep him from losing a toe due to athlete foot. She took a call from me with my serious concerns on a Saturday afternoon through her dispatch. I was very impressed with her care and compassion.

Caryn Greene

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